Competitive Obedience with Patrice Leipham

Patrice Leipham and her fabulous Rottweiler Tubbs

Instructor Patrice Leipham and her fabulous Rottweiler Tubbs

We are fortunate to have Patrice Leipham teaching competitive obedience classes for Mountain View. There are presently three levels.

  • The Competitive Class I provides students with the means to communicate effectively and motivate the dog to be able to perform simple obedience exercises with focus. Although the methodology is complex, it’s been proven highly successful with many different breeds and temperaments of dogs. No dogs the first night.
  • Competitive Classes I+ and II address more complex exercises such as the retrieves and drop on recall and how to break the exercises down so the dog can understand each separate component of the complete skill.  To register for this class the team must have prior experience with this method and must be approved to attend by the instructor.  Bring dogs the first night.

To register for Patrice’s classes, go to Class Schedule.

Patrice’s website

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