Obedience Bridge to Performance Training

You’ve graduated from Puppy K, Family Dog class, or even Canine Good Citizen (Congratulations!) — now what can you do?

In our Obedience Bridge classes we will teach you techniques that will enhance what you’ve already learned and aid in your progression to performance training programs such as competition obedience, rally, agility and freestyle.

These techniques include strengthening stationary behaviors (sit, down, stand – with solid stays) and polishing active behaviors – heel, come to heel, (“finish”), and recall. It’s a great start to training for all performance activities, not to mention further training of a reliable companion! Come prepared to learn and have fun!

This class lasts 7 weeks, 50 minutes per week. Leave your dogs home the first week.

Prerequisites: Puppy Kindergarten or Family Dog class, or equivalent. Exceptions made with consent of instructor.

Due to the activity level in this course; Dogs exhibiting aggression to humans or dogs will not be admitted to this class.

We occasionally teach two levels of the Performance Bridge class. Ask your instructor if you want more before you move on to more demanding classes.

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