Special Classes

OK, so all of our classes are “special,” for all of our special students. What are listed here are classes that don’t fall under the categories of obedience, agility, Nose Work, etc. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tricks
  • Shy Dog
  • Can Your Dog Do This?
  • Canine Parkour
  • Super Puppy
  • Training Games
  • Treibball

Tricks is the only one of these that we are currently teaching every session, so here are short descriptions of the others.

Note that we are always interested in adding these classes to our offerings; we only need to know there is interest. Please let us know if you’d like us to add any particular class.

Shy Dog

Some puppies — and even adult dogs — are uncomfortable in new environments,; some shy away from new people; others worry about moving objects, flowing clothing, sudden movements, strange noises.

Using a variety of gentle techniques, we’ll help your dog to gain confidence. You’ll learn to be alert to your pup’s signals that he or she is starting to worry, and you’ll learn ways to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the fear that can follow.

Can Your Dog Do This?

Designed after an old game, each student gets to pick a card out of a “hat” and then demonstrate performing the behavior (trick) that is written on the card. This is a lot of fun and provides great photo-ops.

Canine Parkour

Canine parkour combines elements of human parkour (check out parkour on Wikipedia) and dog agility to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike. In canine parkour, also known as urban agility, dogs are introduced to the world of running, jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world. Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by your imagination. Parkour is a low impact activity that helps dogs to build confidence and overcome fears.

You will be surprised what you and your dog can achieve. Combined with obedience training, it will strengthen your communication and training skills. Both you and your dog will gain confidence in everyday situations. Because your dog will learn to focus on you and what you ask him to do, even nervous and reactive dogs can benefit by participating in canine Parkour.

In this class we will increase balance, coordination, strength, focus, and agility with this fun, dynamic dog fitness and parkour class. Class will utilize fit pods, exercise balls, boxes, wobble boards, ladders,  balance beams, and more to challenge your dog and improve his fitness.We also take field trips to local parks to utilize the natural and manufactured objects provided there.

This class is ideal for anyone looking to try something new and fun with their dog, including canine athletes, active dogs recovering from injuries, young dogs looking for a great foundation,  older dogs trying to retain mobility and strength. It’s a great way to build confidence or provide any dog with physical and mental challenge that will result in a tired, happy dog. As each dog and handler team has individual goals and limitations, our goal is to tailor each exercise to help you and your dog meet your expectations and ensure that there is continual improvement.

Super Puppy

For graduates of Puppy K or S.T.A.R. Puppy, this class is a between-stage for more advanced classes. Your very young puppy may not be ready for the CGC class, so this is a fun way to spend a few weeks working on what you did in puppy class. In addition to the good behavior exercises, we play on balance boards, go through tunnels, learn tricks, and have an otherwise wonderful time.

Training Games

Using Terry Ryan’s book, “Gamify Your Dog Training” as a guide, we set up and carry out an assortment of games designed to improve and strengthen obedience behaviors. This class can be taken any time after the puppy classes.


Treibball was developed in Germany to give energetic dogs mental and physical stimulation. It is a competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It promotes better teamwork and communication between dog and handler, and  is played using a combination of obedience and herding cues.

If you haven’t seen the game in action, watch the videos on the American Treibball YouTube channel.

Our beginning Treibball class will consist of targeting, go-outs, go to a mat/target, working on distance, learning directionals, perch work, orientation to handler and other basic skills to prep for Treibball. It’s a ton of fun for both dog and handler!

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