What to Bring to Class

For the first week of our Puppy Kindergarten, S.T.A.R. Puppy and CGC/Therapy Dog classes, here is a quick list of what you should bring.  Note that NO DOGS are to be brought to the first week of Family Dog class.

  • your puppy or adult dog
  • a copy of your dog’s vaccination records for our records, including proof of rabies that we can keep
  • payment for the class, if you haven’t already paid
  • a flat collar (buckle, snap, or martingale), no choke collars. Harnesses are fine.
  • a 6-foot leash (leather and cotton are best). NO Flexi-leads, please!
  • a long line (15′ rope or leash material). Not needed week #1.
  • soft, yummy treats, not kibble – good choices are chicken, cheese, hot dogs, all cut up in tiny, tiny morsels. Bring at least three times as much as you think you will need.
  • a toy (or two or three) such as a tug toy with which you can interact (play) with your puppy
  • a toy your puppy can chew on when you’re concentrating on what the instructor is saying
  • a mat or small blanket/towel for your puppy/dog to lie on. This should be about the same size as your dog, not huge
  • water for your dog during class, including a bowl to serve it
  • a bag to carry it all.

Please do not feed your dog before class unless it is a tiny, toy breed. Toy breeds can be fed 1/4 – 1/3 of their normal rations. An overstuffed dog is not easy to train.

We all hope you enjoy your class here at Mountain View and that you achieve what you set out to do in joining this class. Feel free to contact us if you have questions we haven’t addressed.

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