English Springer Spaniel performing a trick

Macy standing four paws on the rim of the box (oh — it’s only three paws!)

Teaching your dog tricks is a fun way to interact with your best four-legged friend. There are many benefits to this activity:

  • The more time you spend doing fun things with your dog, the greater the bond between the two of you
  • Learning tricks  helps to keep your dog’s mind sharp – the more he learns, the more he’ll be able to learn!
  • Teaching tricks helps to make you a better trainer
  • Performing tricks is a great stress reliever for dogs in uncomfortable situations (at the vet’s, in new locations, at the agility start line…)
  • You and your dog will be able to entertain friends and family, to their amazement!

Our Tricks class is a seven-week long class, each session lasting 50 minutes. Know this up front: anything we teach our dog with joy is a trick to him. So, we can start with a simple sit, and that could be your dog’s first trick. Or maybe your dog already knows tricks like sit and down. Or you aren’t interested in that kind of stuff – you want fancy tricks.

OK, we like to teach all tricks, especially “fun” tricks. And yes, our Family Dog class and others are designed to teach the good behavior tricks. So in this class we’ll explore fun tricks that will amaze you and your friends, and maybe even your dog.

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